5 Basics for Copywriting PPC Ads

Paid search ads are a relatively new medium for copywriters. But there are a few basics that can help you create more effective pay-per-click ads:

1. Use the keyword in the beginning of the title and body when copywriting paid search ads. Those words are what the searcher is looking for, and their eyes are more likely drawn to them when used in the beginning of the pay-per-click ad.

Words used earlier in the sentence are assigned more importance by a reader. And many search engines bold the keywords, which can make your ad stand out. You’ll miss this benefit if you use the keywords later in the sentence - it may not even show if your ad is not in the top few positions on Yahoo, since they are truncated.

2. Prove credibility in your paid search ad copy. Use a statement that gives your potential customers some peace of mind: "Over 10,000 clients served", "As seen in Shape magazine", "BBB member since 1998", etc.

3. Don't talk about price in your PPC ads unless you're the low-price leader or the high-price leader. Otherwise you will seem mediocre and non-competitive. (You can use your price to entice customers if your market is price sensitive or pre-qualify prospects if you're a high-price leader in an industry that focuses more on quality.)

4. Don’t make your company name a prominent point unless your brand carries significant recognition value. If you’re fairly unknown among your target audience, you’re better off including points that back up the benefit you offer instead.

5. Group your keyword phrases into categories to make writing your PPC ads more efficient. When you're writing paid search ads for hundreds or thousands of keywords, you likely won't be able to write a different title and description for each. It makes more sense to group keywords according to similarity and then construct phrases that apply to each category to use in the PPC ads. So you can still keep the paid search ad targeted for the keyword phrase without rewriting each time.


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