The Web’s Best Guarantee™

If you’ve worked with a search engine optimization company before, you’ve probably heard that it's impossible to guarantee search engine results. If you’re lucky, an SEO firm might offer some kind of refund in case they don’t live up to their promises. (But good luck trying to get your money back!)

SEO-Max™ offers the Web's Best Guarantee™, pioneered by SEO Advantage® and tailored to your needs. Our monthly plans are designed to support your long-term success and our unceasing pursuit of excellence.

We put our guarantee in writing. And if we don’t achieve the monthly goals we agree on - you don’t pay us. In fact, you don't pay any monthly fees until you see the actual results of our work!

We assume the risk of keeping up with changes in the search engine optimization field and keeping your web site goals on track. We believe in being accountable. We work hard to achieve consistent success for our clients online, and we take responsibility for getting and keeping you there. Period.

The Web's Best Guarantee™: guaranteed satisfaction, easily measurable metrics, and no refunds to chase down.

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